Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

on Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker 49981
Price: $73.17
Rating: (4.1 out of 5 stars based on 137 votes)

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker Description

You will love the great tasting hot coffee this Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker in just seconds. The Scoop uses your favorite ground coffee and brews 8 oz of coffee in only 90 seconds. The Scoop can brew up to 14 oz and has ample space for a travel mug. The universal stainless steel finish will look great on your kitchen countertop.

This Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker only requires a scoop of your favorite coffee grounds and the press of the button to get things going. With such simple operation and no carafe to clean, you'll love using this Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker every day.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker Features

  • Simply scoop your favorite coffee and place it to brew. no pods or special filters required.
  • Two metal scoops included for precise measuring ensuring the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Can brew up to 14oz in as little as 1.5 minutes. fits a travel size or regular mug.
  • Brews hotter than the leading competitors per SCAA standards.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews

By kkatwill

Makes a tasty, hot cup of coffee similar in taste to french press coffee.
I have had no problems with spraying or tepid coffee.
Clean up is quick and I don't feel guilty about using plastic cups.
It doesn't take up any real room on my countertop.
If you want a less expensive alternative to the pricier single serving makers, the Scoop would be a great choice.
I enjoyed this maker so much, I bought one for my Father.
By cliffcathy

This is a great single serve coffee maker. Works in a flash for a good, hot cup of coffee. I love being able to use my own coffee instead of those expensive K-cups. If you are even tempted a little to buy this coffee maker I would suggest you do it - now!!!
A good alternative to K-cup machines or the Senseo
By Comdet

I'm a big fan of single cup coffee brewers since I like to drink different varieties of coffee without having to brew a whole pot of each. I have the Senseo and the Cuisinart K-cup machines. Both are good machines and can be used with your own coffee (e.g., you don't have to use a K-cup or a pod, but rather any coffee you like).

But using your own coffee in a K-cup or Senseo can be a bit cumbersome (especially with the Senseo) since they are primarily designed to use pre-packaged coffee. That option is great when it comes to convenience, but no so good with regard to cost and variety (especially if you prefer decaf coffee).

In contrast, the Hamilton Beach was designed only to use regular coffee. I find it very easy to use - just fill the scoop with coffee, fill the machine with water and you're done. It takes about 2 minutes from start to finish when using the "bold" option (that option slows the water flow down to produce a stronger brew). Simple and easy to clean as well.

The critical factor with the Scoop - as well as all other do-it-yourself single cup systems - is the grind. Too coarse a grind and you get coffee-flavored water; too fine and you get a clogged filter. Unfortunately, it's hard to find a pre-ground coffee that it just right. I grind my own, and after a few experiments with grind size, hit the right spot. If you do prefer to use pre-ground, look for something that has a medium fine grind, such as Melitta.

I'm not happy with the fact that this does not have a water tank. You have to fill it every time you use it. While that cuts down on the size and eliminates some cleaning/maintenance, it would be nice if it had a tank, and allowed you to select various cup sizes.

Looks nice on the countertop and feels like it is decently made. Coffee comes out hot, and you can adjust the cup holder so it can handle both small and tall cups.

Overall I like this, and would highly recommend it as a capable alternative to a K-cup machine.
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Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker (TAS2001UC)

Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker

Tassimo by Bosch TAS2001UC Single Serve Coffee Brewer, White
Price: $99.99
Rating: (4.0 out of 5 stars based on 43 votes)

Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker Description

The Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker (TAS2001) is a revolutionary new concept in small appliances which allows you to personalize your brewer with any one of 4 color kits (Strawberry Red, Mint Blue, Lime Green or Hazelnut Brown) .These color kits allow you to mix and match any one of the 4 colors kits to design a brewer that fits you. Each color kit sold separately.

Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker Features

  • Single-serve coffee brewer brews at the touch of a button in about a minute
  • Uses T-Discs with barcode technology; beverages pour directly from T-Disc into cup
  • No measuring, no fuss, and virtually no cleanup; customizable size and strength
  • LED user interface; 51-ounce removable water tank
  • Measures W 7 7?8" x H 11" x D 11 3?4"; 1-year parts-and-labor warranty

Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews

The Best Tasting Coffees, Lattes and Hot Chocolate!
By Havilos

WOW! I really love this beautiful brewer. Not only everyone who visits me has something to say about its beautiful design but it makes quality lattes, cappuccinos and the most delicious hot chocolate. I have tasted Keurig beverages but they all tasted watery and powdered, also Keurig does not make anything with milk. Not Good. I have my Tassimo for a few months now and I adore it. I get my T-Disc thru mail and sometimes I buy them at Best Buy. No more Starbucks after my Tassimo t20. GREAT Looking and Tasting Product.
Better than expected
By Menthol Rum

I have a few types of coffee machines, most are tucked away. I didn't expect to like the Tassimo as much as I do, but it is a great system for single serve. You can make cup after cup fast and easy as well. Its ingenious design allows for lattes, expresso and a variety of coffees, teas and even hot chocolate. I have used several different types of coffee and it makes a very good cup each time. One very slight 'con' would be that you might like your coffee stronger or weaker, which isn't really an option. Well, you could add water to make it weaker, but stronger, you're out of options. I've made over 100 cups so far and everything has been very good.

If you are a serious budget coffee drinker, then I don't think that a single serving machine would be appealing. If you are a buying a pricey coffees everyday at the coffee shop, then you'll be better served by using the Tassimo. A good simple cup of coffee can run you about $0.65/cup depending upon the coffee you buy, a latte and chai costs me $1.50/cup or so. So for those that spend $5-$10 a day on coffee at a shop, this would be a very good option for saving money and not giving up on your 'must have' coffee.

It's not a big machine, the operation is very simple and impossible to do it wrong, unless you're really trying. There is a removable water reservoir that will last through several cups and the front is removable for easy clean up. Turn it on, open the top, put in your beverage of choice, push the big button when the light is green and you're done. If you use a two-part beverage, after the first part is complete, open the top (when the light turns orange to signal it's cooled down enough to touch), put the second part in, push the button. Simple.

I really do like this system and there a many, many options from many companies for your hot beverage of choice. My opinion is that for certain types of coffee drinkers, this is a great machine to have.
Far better than it's competitor!!!
By Marie A. Carmenati

My daughter and her boyfriend got me this machine for Christmas. We have a Keurig at work, and I rarely use it because the coffee is weak and lacks flavor. After one cup from the Tassimo, I was sold! The coffee is rich and full-bodied. I am not sure whether there are more coffee grounds in the T-discs than the K-cups, or whether the water reaches a higher temperature in the Tassimo. Either way, the Tassimo makes a perfect cup of coffee every time, whether it's a Starbucks disc or a Maxwell House disc! The machine also brews a delicious cup of Twining's Earl Grey tea.

For anyone who prefers stronger coffee, this is the machine of choice. The only tiny downside to the Tassimo relates to the number of coffee flavors available. If you like your Island Coconut or Caramel Pecan, you'll have to settle for the Keurig. But I did not take a star off the rating for this - still gave it five, because the perfection of the coffee outweighed the availability of the flavors in my book!
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